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About Us, a grassroots website blog. Ready for your input, questions, feedback, and support. An agenda-free people’s media outlet. Where locals can exchange opinions and discuss important topics. Topics that impacted all of us. A safe space to share and communicate constructive ideas with neighborhood residents. Local events and issues.

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Above all, our mission is simple: be fair to all involved. At the same time, satisfy the local news and information vacuum in a respectful and straightforward style. Simultaneously, encouraging residents, town leaders, and elected officials alike. To report accurate and verifiable news, grievances, and local issues.

No matter what or who they involve, as long as the comment poster uses valid and verifiable information.

Rules and Disclaimers

Whether the information concerns a town meeting, positive or negative news regarding an elected official, pointing out a regional issue, questioning town finances, finding or sharing public records. Want to thank a neighbor or a town employee for a good deed or someone going the extra mile? Shout out to neighborhood businesses. Therefore, we need participation from problem-identifiers with problem-solving skills.

To participate. Click on the fill out the registration application. It’s hassle-free and easy. You’ll receive an email telling you you’re good to go and ready to begin posting and commenting on topics affecting all residents. So, if you have helpful information, questions, statements, or opinions on how to improve your towns? Questions regarding city services or a town ruling? How to find public records. A favorite restaurant. Please share them.


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