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Mehlenbacher Road 11 missing oak trees

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Mehlenbacher Road 11 Missing Oak Trees

Twice the time, nearly twice the money. The 11 oak trees will still be missing, and the Mehlenbacher Road roadway. Will still look like a road in Mogadishu. The project doesn’t budget for crosswalks, or at least I can’t find it.

In March 2021, the Mehlenbacher project began. Mr. Carpenter from Pinellas Public Works sent drawings (2018) and details. It got abruptly postponed. With no warning and wasn’t aware of its delay for months. As the county was working down the street in Belleair Buffs.

Mr. Carpenter emailed saying. The project was to use no more than 19′ from the edge of Mehlenbacher. Five foot wide sidewalk, and a 5-foot wide shoulder. Project was to last 12 months budget was 2.5M fully funded. How far from the edge of Mehlenbacher were oak trees by Belleair Forest Drive?

You know what would get answers and get the town and county’s attention. Go to sign up and ask question Mehlenbacher Road Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements Project ID# 001976A –I’ll post more agencies and elected official contact info.

The estimated budget

The estimated budget for project #001976A was $2.5M. The total cost now is $3,575,743.50. The Penny portion of the agreement is $3,000,891.50 – deficient of  ($1,302,900.00). The JVP estimated cost to Belleair for utility work was  $357,761.25. Belleair will pay the county to do what the town knew in 2018 would cost $532,592.00. Pinellas County Utilities will fund $42,260.00 of the construction agreement. – Currently allocated funds are $1,755,000.00, 1.25M for FY 2023 and $500K for FY 2024. This project must request/identify an additional funding source during the FY24 budget cycle. The operating/capital budget shows no additional funding for 25/26/27/28.

The adopted county budget under governmental capital improvement plan revisions from the previous year. Under Program 3026 – Sidewalks Projects on pages 1-63. expresses the budget broken out from 004144A Sidewalk and ADA Program PIV as a standalone project fund of   $31,426,000

Mehlenbacher Road Sidewalk Improvements current Six-Year CIP Plan The adopted county budget for FY23 (pages 1-14) and the county’s capital improvement program six-year plan (page 19). The County Six‐Year CIP capital improvement plan 001976A was referenced twice.

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