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Belleair Increasing Home Values

Last updated on July 15, 2023

Belleair Home Values

After home prices skyrocketed, increasing mortgage rates and financial uncertainties slowed growth. In contrast, Belleair, the Bluffs, and Belleair Beach homeowners still see their homes increase in value. Utilizing Zillow data for 74 cities and towns in Tampa, Stacker is a data analysis news organization that compiled a list of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area’s fastest-increasing home values for 30 cities as of February 2023.

While over the last year, the average American home value only increased by 4.4%, although a few locations, like Belleair Bluffs, Belleair, Belleair Beach, and Harbor Bluffs, witnessed virtually double-digit home increases.

Double-digit Home Increases.

Ranked #25, Belleair Bluff saw a +9.4% increase #6 Belleair’s home values in 1 year grew by +9.2%. Belleair Beach #6 had a 1-year price increase of +7.5%. Harbor Bluffs #14 had a +7.3% upside. Belleair Bluffs’ 5-year home value leaped by +76.8%. Belleair’ home value increase was +68.0%, Belleair Beach had a +57.6% upturn, and Harbor Bluffs had home valuations of +61.1%.

Out of the 30 cities and towns, Stacker ranked. Tampa was 30th, and Tierra Verde was number one with a 1-year increase of +10.2%. Indian Rocks Beach was ranked #2, partly caused by the influx of STR home buying. Other nearby communities ranked in the top ten include Indian Shores #9, Madeira Beach #3, and #4 Redington Beach.

Belleair Beach ranked fifth and acknowledged by Slacker as the #1 most expensive city in Tampa’s metropolitan area. I assume they include Belleair Shore since Belleair Shore is the ninth most costly city not in Florida but in the country to live in, and where last year’s 57 property values increased by a remarkable 22.8 percent.

Considering S&P 500 1 Year return was -9.29% and a 12-month CD’s yield was 1.54%, owning a home in any of these cities is a wise choice.

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