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Belleair Public Hearings Feedback

Last updated on August 22, 2022

Public Hearings Belleair Feedback 

Besides our utility bill, this is the first mail, email, or flyer correspondence. I’ve never received anything from Belleair in 23 years. It was a pleasant surprise and a significant step in the right direction for Belleair’s future.

The mail alert was a 3×5 postcard sent by USPS from the Town of Belleair. Informing residents vis-à-vis of two Belleair public hearings. The two sided postcard was about a special event permitting requested. By the Pelican Golf Club. For their upcoming LPGA tournament being held at the Pelican this November.

The two public hearings are on August 16 and the other on September 19. The Pelican seeks a special relief permit releasing them from any of Belleair’s local ordinances. If they are overstepping noise, spirits, traffic, parking, and other town ordinances.

Belleair public hearings

The town notice said the Belleair public hearings “welcomes your feedback.” There’s a link  [email protected] where you can comment via email.

This is the 3rd annual Pelican LPGA tournament. Belleair Commissioners unanimously approved the previous two special relief permit requests. Although, I don’t know this to be a fact, but from 2017 to 2022. The Pelican was on Belleair’s docket 35 separate times, and all requests were unanimously approved. I see no reason for this one not to be unanimously approved as well.

The new trend of being acknowledged by Belleair. After 23 years of total indifference from Belleair’s elected and appointed officials. It was a shock. True or not. Until I find out differently, I’m acknowledging and giving credit to the changing of the guard. Halloween bashes, job openings, and employees of the month are fine.

Above all encouraging residents to engage with the community inspires them to participate and feel appreciated. Residents need more!

After all Belleair’s “biding one’s time” tactic to identify issues with costly and time-consuming strategic plans and little implementation is futile. While at the same time, never sharing and showing a total disregard for transparency cannot continue.

The only complaint is that the embedded advertising has the entire LPGA tournament schedule, and the Pelican website link detracted from the valid message.


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