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Improve Belleair – Belleair Beach Bluffs For All

Last updated on June 15, 2023

Let’s pretend you had a magic wand. That could change or improve Belleair. the Bluffs or Belleair Beach? What would be the one thing you’d implement. That could improve the entire community?

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to solve or improve Belleair and our local community’s struggles suddenly.

As a result, Belleair News feels a struggle shared is a struggle solved. We’re asking all Belleair area residents. To share their feedback on the local community’s topics. Whatever you believe can make our towns and neighborhoods. A better place for everyone.

Comments on something as simple as introducing yourself to new neighbors. Grabbing a few friends and politely asking a neighbor if they’d like help tidying up their lawn? Suggesting a local business that needs our support. To comments on how local government can improve our community. For all its residents? Ways to improve Belleair citizen’s engagement to enhance our community.

Hopefully, in a small way Belleair News, with your participation, can make a difference. Allowing residents to appreciate each other’s ideas and wishes better.

At the same time assisting our local government in understanding better what its people are saying.

If you believe you have ideas, concerns, or a positive solution. That can help improve our cities. Please share it.

Please post your ideas, thoughts or concerns, and solution in the comments box below. (anonymously if you say to)



  1. Belleair Bob Belleair Bob

    Discussing decisions officials make that are going to affect the quality of life for residents

  2. Anthony Anthony

    Emails to Belleair Bluffs Mayor and Commissioners.
    I sent emails to the City Commissioners and the mayor reference to raising the taxes during this pandemic. I utilized the emails on the official Belleair Bluffs City website and both times, I sent copies to my own personal email. I’ve yet to receive my copies that I sent to myself or to hear from any of the commissioners or the mayor!
    Why have email addresses if they aren’t going to respond?

  3. JoAnne Reinhart JoAnne Reinhart

    Why was there a special Meeting on Thursday, September 3, reference to raising the mileage rate from 5.01710to a WHOPPING 5.3500 a 6.64% increase? Where is the empathy for the Belleair Bluffs residents who may have suffered a decrease in income or even a loss of their jobs due to this pandemic?
    I have twice emailed Mayor Arbutine and the Commissioners Nazario, Shimkus, Sofer and Barkley yet no reply reference my email, I also emailed a copy of said two emails but never received either email to my personal email.
    Someone needs to investigate the lack of communication and disappearance of emails and why the mileage rate needs to be increased at such an exorbitant rate.
    Please, Belleair Bluffs residents, attend in mass the upcoming City Commission meeting this Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm like many if you did reference the RV/Boat ordinance meeting.
    Than you in advance if you plan on attending.

  4. CSWilder CSWilder

    I’ve read all the articles praising and saying how shrewd Belleair’s Mayor and Town Commissioners are by selling the Biltmore. And how grateful we should be the Doyle’s, did the town a big favor by buying it. Town Manager, Maxwell, saying “I can tell you the offer is for $3.4 million, and we received it last Thursday on January 28, 2016. We’re reviewing it to see what elements are in it and how it affects the course in general.” Where are the records of telephone calls, emails, and conversations leading up to the offer? The Doyle’s didn’t just drove by city hall one day in January and say, let’s stop and see our friend Maxwell and make an offer to buy their golf course. Please give us a break. This sale was in motion before Belleair signed the 10-year lease on the golf course. Stop being cheerleaders for a fixed fight. Check file created for review and discussion. Check the dates for the “Purchase and Sale Agreement” and explain how or why someone on 01/15/2016, filed for an LLC using 1501 Indian Rocks Rd. Belleair, Fl as their principal address. Two weeks before, hypothetical anyone was aware of any offer? Before Maxwell disclosed the offer and created a file for review/discussion? All done while Belleair had a 10-year lease agreement with a golf course management company to run the Belleview Biltmore golf course. If you believe this transaction wasn’t suspicious. You’re either naive or knowingly or unknowingly part of the problem. Belleair residents should be smarter, especially with all the ongoing allegations.”

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