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Class Appliance Clearwater Largo Rd

Class Appliance a Very Good Example of a Very Bad Company.

On 5/24, I called Class Appliance on Clearwater Largo Rd in Largo to diagnose why my 2020 Samsung washer wouldn’t drain. Their repairman arrived on 5/26 in an older Ford Focus wearing street clothes. After approximately 20 minutes and never moving the washer, unplugging, or shutting off the water supply, seeing the same error message I had seen that could have indicated several issues. His findings confirmed it needed a He handed me a quote, which included a new drain pump costing $119.99 that Class Appliance ordered on 5/24 and $289.00 for labor. ($437.58)

I declined, paid a $99 service fee, went online, and purchased a new Samsung washer. While online, I learned the standing water problem is typically a drain issue. Like a lid switch, a kinked or twisted drain hose, a clogged drainpipe, or a clogged, broken drain pump. Things never diagnosed by Class Appliance’s $99 service fee.

I also found a YouTube video explaining by simply unplugging, shutting off the water, moving the washer a few inches, straightening the drain hose, and hooking my shop vac to the drain hose. Possibly, a fix or a will at least let you know if a new drain pump is needed. I did as instructed, and thirty minutes later, the washer worked perfectly.

a $99 service fee,

The next day I called Class Appliance and spoke to Tony, asking for an explanation for a $437.58 quote and a refund of my $99 service fee. After using my shop vac, the washer worked perfectly. His reasons and excuses were so ridiculous. I lost control and told him to keep my $99, and I’ll spread the word. Class Appliance is a very good example of a very bad company.

According to Internet articles, replacing the drain pump in a washing machine is surprisingly simple. Anyone who knows me would never consider me mechanically competent. However, having purchased a new washer. And finding similar used Samsung washers going for as much as $500, I gave it a try.

On the 26th, I ordered a genuine replacement pump delivered the next day that cost $45.00. On the 29th, use a screwdriver, a socket wrench, and long nose pliers. Mr. YouTube and I replaced the drain pump in 40 minutes of actual work time. Class Appliance charging $289.00 for labor to replace a drain pump is equivalent to $7.00 a minute!

On the 30th, Tony called three times, hanging up on him twice. The third time I let him talk. I asked about the $119.99 drain pump cost and why it was so pricey, and the only option I tried to find out his hourly labor rate asked about the $99 service fee. His answers were nonsense and made-up excuses. Constantly saying he wasn’t a criminal and was in business for 40 years. I told Tony to send me $50 bucks and have a wonderful life. He agreed, and two weeks later; the check was still in the mail!!

I wish I had Googled Class Appliance before calling them. It’s strange a 40-year-old company only has 17 Yelp reviews, stranger, yet 12 are terrible 1-star reviews.

Class Appliance is so much more than just bad reviews.

They claim to use Genuine Replacement Parts, yet his quote sheet states a 30-day parts and labor warranty – no expectations! Class Appliance hires 3rd party repair contractors, a fact their website doesn’t disclose.

Refunds will be handled according to their store’s policies. Good luck with that!

They offer financing at 29.99%. So, if you buy a $3500 appliance financed over five years, you pay nearly $7,000 for a $3500 appliance.

You’re unable to report them to the BBB as they’re not members.

Should you seek a remedy in a court of law, it will be your responsibility to pay their legal fees, which are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. That means, as a plaintiff, you need to hire a Delaware attorney and travel to Delaware.


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